BelG Multiarts is also about design. The focus is put on Portrait and urban art. BelG signature is the most developped project, creating design for streetwear. This streetwear merch have a print on futurs design, from the vibe to the colors. 


Most of my work begins with photography. I will capture something I want to design and create on it, or just ends up on an old photo and say "Damn! I got an idea" I also love using portrait of poeple I know. 



To add colors and a stencil vibe, I will draw with software on the product I had created.

Flower spray.png


To add textures, I love adding collages I made. It fit perfectly with the urban style of my work. 

Don't Blame Us_HDR no background.png


When most of the work is done, I will add touch up to bring the project to a maximum level.